Right now employees across the UK are working from home or have been forced not to work. For many, the prospect of this is daunting and unsettling, and will likely have an impact on their mental health. However, digital pioneer XenZone has developed Project #SilverLining, a safe, positive community for the public to go to to share tips, positive stories and gain inspiration for making their time during social distancing easier.

With hashtags such as #InternationalDayOfHappiness #StaySafeStayHome and #WorkingFromHomeLife regularly trending on Twitter, community spirit and peer to peer support is proving to be a necessity for remote workers on social media.

XenZone’s flagship services Kooth and Qwell have always encouraged online peer to peer support, with forums, live discussions and the ability to contribute articles and stories, all with the outcome of improved mental wellbeing. In this time of crisis, XenZone has decided to provide this opportunity to a wider community across the UK, enabling remote workers to engage with inspiring, positive material from their new peers. 

One user contributed, “My flatmate and I have stuck a piece of paper on a kitchen cupboard which reads Joyful Things to Explore During “The Virus” and as things come to us which we can do while we’re home more, we’re writing them on the paper. Examples include quality phone calls with friends and family and Learn ‘The Crow’ yoga position”! This relatable type of content will hopefully reduce the feeling of isolation for many and provide valuable advice.

XenZone’s Chief Commercial Officer Annie Meharg said, “XenZone is thrilled to be leading a campaign to create practical support and comfort for adults that may be struggling with social distancing or remote working. Project #SilverLining will collect tips, tricks and stories for maintaining positive wellbeing while working remotely. Not only will this be invaluable to our own staff who are now remote working, but to wider audiences across the country too. We’re glad we are able to utilise our expertise in digital mental health to reach and support more adults by spreading a ray of positivity during difficult circumstances”. 

To learn more about Project #SilverLining head here.