• Online mental health and wellbeing service Qwell, from Kooth PLC, has been commissioned by NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Northumberland County Council
  • The free and anonymous service has been commissioned in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Recent data from Kooth revealed that 74% adults presenting with health anxiety issues compared to the same period last year

London, UK. September 15th 2020 – NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Northumberland County Council has commissioned Kooth’s online counselling service for adults, Qwell,  to provide free and anonymous mental health and wellbeing support to teachers and teaching staff in the area in direct response to the coronavirus pandemic. Any member of the teaching staff over the age of 18 will be able to access Qwell for free and anonymous online mental health and emotional support. 

Recent data from Kooth has found that the pandemic has impacted the mental health of adults around the country. 74% of adults are presenting with health anxiety issues, 30% of adults are presenting with issues around sadness and almost 1 in 5 are experiencing work concerns.

Qwell, accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, gives adults free and anonymous access to psychoeducational materials, online peer support communities, and live messaging with an experienced counsellor. Users can also drop-in or book one-to-one online chat sessions with experienced counsellors from 12-noon until 10pm on weekdays and from 6pm until 10pm on weekends, 365 days a year.

Kate O’Brien, senior head of commissioning for child health, learning disabilities and mental health at NHS Northumberland CCG said, “We are very pleased that we are able to commission this additional mental health support for people in Northumberland. We recognise that staff who work in schools may be feeling very anxious at this time, as a result of Covid-19, and that they are under a lot of pressure. We hope that this website will provide the support and help they need.

“As a result of school staff being incredibly busy we appreciate that they may struggle to make time for appointments, and this may put them off seeking help and support for mental health issues. Qwell is easy to use and can be accessed anonymously at any time and in the comfort of peoples’ homes. We urge people to seek help when they need it and to use this valuable resource.”

Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult and Children’s services at Northumberland County Council said: “We are really pleased to be once again working in partnership with NHS Northumberland CCG on how we further support the mental health and wellbeing of those working in schools across Northumberland. 

“Qwell is a great online tool that offers a safe space for people to share their experiences, whilst also getting the much-needed support they need from community professionals.

“The council is committed to helping teachers and school support staff get the help they need to improve their emotional wellbeing. By working together we hope that more people are able to get more help where it is needed sooner.”

Dr. Lynne Green, Chief Clinical Officer, Kooth added: “We believe that mental health support should be available easily and at the point of need – without waiting lists or the stigma that is so often associated with seeking professional help.  We would encourage teaching staff in Northumberland to make use of Qwell’s self-help materials and know that our professional counsellors are on hand to provide one-to-one support no matter what the issue might be.” 


About Kooth

We are the UK’s leading online mental health platform. Our mission is to provide accessible and safe spaces for everyone to achieve better mental health. Our online platform is clinically robust and accredited to provide a range of therapeutic support and interventions. All our services are predicated on easy access to make early intervention and prevention a reality. 

Our three services are:

  • Kooth: for children and young persons
  • Kooth Student: for university students
  • Kooth Work: for adults

Kooth is commissioned in 77% of the NHS’s clinical commissioning group areas across the country. It is a fully safeguarded and pre-moderated community with a library of peer and professional created content, alongside access to experienced online counsellors. There are no thresholds for support and no waiting lists. Currently, Kooth sees over 4,000 logins a day. 

Kooth Student is aimed at university students and is commissioned by three UK universities. 

Kooth Work operates across distinct locations and serves specific cohorts, including parents, teachers, victims of crime and those who have suffered from or continue to experience domestic violence. It is also offered as a benefit by a number of corporate organisations delivering anonymous digital mental health support services to employees.